Saturday, July 25, 2009


(Click on image to enlarge).
"Desire", Mixed media on board, 47"x 47".
Please email me or leave a comment if you have questions.


  1. Beautiful use of color...
    Deep, rich...
    Must be a reflection of how you are feeling.

  2. Hi Annie! Oh, I love your art! And I want to move to Taos some day. :) Thank you for your visit - I will be back to oogle and admire - xo Pam

  3. I was just looking at two cone shells like that yesterday.

  4. These remind me of my favourite deep rusty colours. And now, I'm going to look through your blog and I know I'll find other photos of your work that will touch my heart and soul as much as this one!

  5. I came here via your comment on Angela's oil post...I applaud you...hang em high...

    And now that I'm here I'm glad I came...wonderful paintings, very organic...good stuff...thank you...j

  6. this is wonderful, annie. normally, i've never been one for hearts and mishy mushy stuff...but a conversation i participated in with jude hill got me to thinking about them in a different light, so i've been exploring them with a different eye (a few of the results of which you've seen on my blog recently). this piece struck me as a possible heart...two halves, split in twain, and tumbling. tumbling toward what? healing? heart ache? the future? more pieces? i dunno...could be just about anything...but it got me thinking. again. thanks a lot. you DO realize, don't you, how painful all this thinking can be? ha!


  7. Joe, I am just getting to this blog, this painting is about love, a love that did NOT work out and there is a heart inbedded in it in the center :-). Yes, thinking is hard work!

  8. Much too much hard work thinking is, thankfully there is art to take the mind briefly out of the only thinking mode. Wondering about the circles illustrated in previous posts and their meaning.

    1. Linda,

      I am very neglectful of this blog, so I am just now seeing this comment.
      Doing art is the only way I can shut off my thinking :-).
      I just love circles, they are complete and found every where in nature. For a while I was obsessed with them and still use them a lot in my painting.xoxo

  9. This piece is very ethereal and mysterious. Beautiful and haunting artwork. I also like your use of mixed media. It's intriguing and innovative.

  10. your comment above is so true for me, the only way to shut off thinking, wonderful to learn that your art comes from dreams, I can see that in them especially the two paintings below this one.