Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Sea series # 1"

(Click on image to enlarge).
"Sea Series #1", mixed media on canvas, 10"x 10".
Please email me or leave a comment if you have questions.


  1. Beautiful colors!

  2. Annie, I like this one best of what I've seen.

    Per your comment to Marion about pets dying. I've lost both parents, several good friends, and various pets. I grieved most for one of the pets. It's not wether a creature was human that matters; it's how close we were to them, and I was with my last schnauzer everyday all day for nearly 17 years. Besides, pets need us in the way that children need us.

  3. I love all of these...and had trouble picking just one on which to comment!

  4. this is wonderful, annie! i love the multiple crescent moons nesting in the waves...and all the rich texture and hinted images!

  5. Lovely work, Annie! I'm wondering how you got the texture/impasto effect in this piece.